REIKI overview on the topic of Usui-Reiki

REIKI- Universal Life Energy,Energy from our hands

Reiki is an ancient healing Art that was re-discovered by the Buddhist monk Dr. Mikao Usui again. With simple lyiing on of hands or, over distant-healing, the Life-energy is passed.


There are now very different Reiki-systems.Here in my homepage, I want to introduce you the original, traditional  one Usui Reiki System, of Dr.Mikao Usui.


Usui System of Reiki - Healing and  the spiritual path


Reiki is an ancient healing method that has been mentioned over 2500 years ago in the ancient Sanskrit-Sutras.On the begining of 20.century by Dr. Mikao Usui from Japan, was This Energy "rediscovered" .Therefore is also spoken about Usui Reiki System.


Reiki involves no special Faith and no Religion. REIKI is a subtle, INTELLIGENT Energy, the Core, the Source of All Life. Reiki is all the Energy from God {a higher Power - whatever you want to call them}  COMPLETED. Reiki is not completed from the will the Givers, SO, it can not  be misused or manipulated.

Everyone can channel Reiki once they have received an attunement. Universal energy is all around us and flows through us. We receive it indirectly through sunlight, air, water and food. As children, we were probably all able to connect to this healing energy, but over time, with the stresses, uncertainties, emotional problems and and our desire to fit in, our capacity to connect to the healing energy decreased. We have all experienced the power of touch to soothe, comfort and heal. Through the Reiki attunements, this connection is re-established, so that we have a direct link to the healing energy once more.

Reiki is a powerful tool for relaxation, decreasing anxiety and tension and calming the mind as well as the body. It acts at all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It provides you with a means of doing something to help yourself – in all situations. It helps with your personal growth, but can also be given to others. Reiki is about finding your own power and learning to trust – yourself, and also the Universe.

Reiki can be given to people, plants, animals, water, food, almost anything ...