Shinpiden is the Japanese word for ‘mystery teachings'. Reiki Master Teacher Level (Note: This level may vary with different Reiki Master Teachers as explained below) is where you become the energy. The main purpose of Level 3 is to become, as well as to live the spiritual life as a Reiki Master.



 REIKI III & IV (Master level including Teacher level )

  Level three is the high point of your Reiki journey and enables you to become a Master and Teacher of this wonderful healing art.  You receive the final sacred Reiki symbol, the Master symbol.  This allows you to teach and attune others to Reiki if you so wish and brings more guidance and knowledge with it.


 Shinpiden - Reiki III- 3rd Degree Master Practitioner

Shihan - Reiki IV- 4th Degree Reiki Master and Teacher

                                         Upon completion of Master Teacher Level 


       You have the option to teach, but the importance for becoming a Reiki Master is not really about teaching, rather;

                              It’s about making a lifetime commitment to  understand the healing art of Reiki

                                             It’s about making a commitment to offer a healing practice

                                          It’s about making a commitment to maintain a spiritual discipline


               It’s about making a commitment to show  un-conditional love and empathy for all living things



                                                       Third Degree – Inner Master

The third degree initiation increases the student’s capacity to channel the Universal Energy. The student is also given the Usui Master Symbol, which allows him to work on a spiritual level and helps him to contact his own inner truth. This level is called Inner Master because it involves recognizing that each person is the master of his own destiny, responsible for his own life. This knowledge can often help the student to find his true path in life and may require him to make changes in his life.


                                                  Usui REIKI RYOHO Master Level

In this level the central energy channel is once again further opened, and the student is given the four additional Tibetan Master Symbols. The student learns the techniques that permit him to perform Reiki initiations.

The Reiki Master takes on the responsibility of teaching Reiki to others. He has the ability to initiate others so that they can use the Reiki energy in their own journey of self-discovery and healing.

Deepening and intensive work with the Reiki-energy

  • working with the MASTER-Symbol
  • work wth ALL the Symbols
  • sensibility training
  • strengthening the intuition
  • Instruction and practice of Shinpiden techniques
  • Learning how to perform and practice Usui Reiki Ryoho attunements and reiju process 
  • Course Outlines and instructions for running your own classes
  • Certification permitting you to teach and initiate students into Usui Reiki Ryoho.
  • dealing with students and clients among others..................

                         REIKI Master Teacher e-course


Reiki Master is an ongoing learning experience and a journey that requires a lot of internal work and focus. 

 For those who wish to continue their Reiki development to its natural conclusion, Reiki Mastership represents the end of one journey and the commencement of another.


Your Reiki Master/Teacher  III & IV, course is equivalent to more than a 3-4 months course.

 Working through your multimedia study program, {links for training, meditations, attunements,...}  you spend at least the 3-4 months on the course to go through the practical energy work: exercises, attunements & practical training! …and, a “role model”, how you can teach an online course!{Part 3 of this manual}

o   ADDITIONAL, you learn the basics, HOW to begin your REIKI Business! {all is included within YOUR REIKI MANUAL!

o   UPON COMPLETION of this course, you will receive YOUR MASTER TEACHER CERTIFICATE!

o   VERY PROUD OF YOURSELF, you will have a Reiki LINEAGE!

o   Between Your study-program, whenever you have completed one REIKI Level, you will receive Your Reiki Master & Reiki Master Teacher distant-attunement from me, Sophia Fragou!

o   You will have the independent time to study on your own pace!

o   IMPORTANT:  The “Mystic Reiki Circle Code of Ethical Conduct”


ADVANTAGE: You have LIFETIME access to Your RSMG Online School courses! 


The basic effect of the Reiki Master attunements is to fully open up your energy system to Reiki, causing a significant increase in the flow of healing energy. This increases the effectiveness of your treatments beyond that achieved at Second Degree level. On top of this, you are attuned to further symbols, and learn additional techniques, enabling you to treat others more effectively, pass on the Reiki ability to others,{ REIKI IIIb} and fully experience the flow of Reiki through your being.


 Coming to the Master Course from another Lineage? Follow the "Conversion Course"

    If you have come from other lineages and have not been trained in the important techniques that have come from Japan, I would expect you to learn Japanese Reiki techniques before going on to do Mastership. The new teachings are so important to the future development of Reiki in the West.

    One way to achieve this would be for you to redo your First and Second Degree e-training with us, so you are 'in tune' with the way we do things, but that can start to get expensive, so we achieve this by way of a self-study 'conversion course' based on sending you our Reiki1 and Reiki2 e-course manuals with 'homework' instructions for you to carry out.


In this case, please contact me:   Sophia Fragou GMT,

{The total cost of the First Degree manual and the Second Degree manual 150.00 EUR are paid for at the time of booking.} CERTIFICATION and MANUALS!


With THIS e-course you will receive:

 • A detailed, professional/educational Reiki Manual created & copyrighted by myself, Sophia Fragou (no need to take notes!)

• Your Reiki Master & Reiki Master Teacher Degree Attunement

• Your Reiki Master Teacher Certificate

·   Your REIKI Lineage!




You receive two attunements, Your Reiki Master Practitioner & Reiki Master Teacher Degree Attunement, which helps you to manifest your spiritual vision and compassion into your physical reality of the present time or into the “now”. Once you have received Master attunement, you cannot change your mind - this is a lifetime commitment; therefore, your decision for becoming a Reiki Master Teacher should always be given the consideration it deserves.


With attunement, you receive the full  empowerment of the Reiki energy. Some believe that from Reiki Level 2 to Reiki Master Teacher Level, your energy frequency is raised, increasing the  amount of energy that you channel about 400%, your intuitive powers are heightened, thus making you a more powerful healer (E.g. electricity current changes from A.C. to D.C. or direct current). This energy is spiritual healing through your connection to the universal energy source - the energy is pure joy

 REIKI III (Master Level including Teacher level )

  Level three is the high point of your Reiki journey and enables you to become a master and teacher of this wonderful healing art.  You receive the final sacred Reiki symbol, the master symbol.  This allows you to teach and attune others to Reiki if you so wish and brings more guidance and knowledge with it.

Once you are attuned it also gives you the ability to pass the attunement on to others.


* Please note you must be a Usui Reiki level II practitioner to take this attunement.

Cost of attunement including manual and certificate { see course-page }

Course link:

 What is Possible for a Reiki Master?

by William Lee Rand


        Because of the nature of the master level and the energies that become available to us, being a Reiki master can be an ongoing process involving continuous personal growth. With the master attunement and the use of the master symbol, we receive the opportunity to open more and more completely to the limitless potential of Reiki and to develop in ourselves the qualities that are contained in the Reiki energy. Consider all the aspects of Reiki energy - besides the potential to heal virtually all illness, it also contains unlimited love, joy, peace, compassion, wisdom, abundance and even more. We know these are the qualities of Reiki because people experience them when giving or receiving Reiki treatments. They are especially apparent when we meditate on the source of Reiki. When doing so, many are lifted up into a safe place where they feel completely cared for and become aware of the wonderful possibilities that can come from within.


           When we contemplate these things it is easy to become overwhelmed with optimism and the confident understanding that all challenges in life can be met and that our lives can be a glorious experience. The Japanese name for the master level of Reiki is Shinpiden which means "Mystery Teaching." The mystery which is spoken of is the mystery of God's love, wisdom and power. It is a mystery because God has no boundaries; all the attributes of God including wonder, beauty and grace extend far beyond our ability to comprehend. No matter how developed we become, in this life or in any future level of existence, we will never fully understand it. This is why it is and will always remain a wonderful mystery.


       When we receive the Usui master symbol and the attunement that empowers it, it creates the possibility for us to become aware of the Ultimate Reality. This is expressed in the definition of the Usui master symbol which indicates that it represents that part of the self that is already completely enlightened! When we use the master symbol, we are actually connecting with our own enlightened selves. This in fact, is the true source of Reiki energy - it actually comes from the deepest and most important part of our own nature, our own enlightened self!. While it may appear to some to come from outside ourselves appearing to come down through the crown chakra, this is actually an illusion and only appears this way because of our limited awareness.


        Reiki comes to us by the Grace of God and it is this same Grace that heals us and fosters our personal growth. Yet development does not take place automatically. Reiki respects our free will and does not force development on us, but if we seek it and intend it, and use Reiki for this purpose, then certainly, we will be guided into a greater healing experience. Try this experiment. Begin doing Reiki on yourself using the master symbol with your hands in any position that is comfortable. (If you are not a Reiki master but have level I or II, try it anyway without the master symbol.) Then meditate on this affirmation. "I surrender completely to the Reiki energy and the source from which it comes." Repeat this affirmation over and over, then as the Reiki energy continues to flow, with your inner eye, look for the source of Reiki, either within yourself or above.


      By doing this, you will have many important experiences. These are likely to include becoming more aware of how Reiki is working within you and feeling it's amazing qualities. New possibilities for personal growth will be presented and you will be invited to participate in life in a more meaningful way. As your awareness moves closer and closer to the source, you will become aware of amazing insights and have ever increasing experiences of joy, security and peace. This is a wonderful exercise and well worth the time. I suggest you do this everyday and as you do so, these experiences will become stronger. Then, if you choose to accept the healing changes that are presented, deep healing will begin taking place and you will also begin receiving guidance about how to improve your life. While this meditation is simple, it is also very powerful and can lead you into a very happy and healthy state of mind, creating lasting changes that will form the foundation of a more worthwhile life.


         Reiki can guide you in ways to make it's healing power more beneficial and to heal more deeply. And at the same time, it is possible that Reiki will guide you to other healing techniques that are exactly right for you to use in addition to Reiki. You may also receive guidance about changes you need to make that require you to take action. Your ability to make decisions can improve, making it very easy to decide exactly what you need, who to associate with, where to work, etc. and this could result in an entirely new direction for your life!


         When you are involved in the healing process, a good way to determine your progress is to use your outer world as an indication of your inner development. This works because we manifest our entire experience through our thoughts and intentions - both conscious and unconscious. When we experience something in our lives, it is because some part of our being has created it. When we accept this idea, and take complete responsibility for what takes place in our lives we enter a very powerful place. We can then change the things that are not healthy and improve every aspect of our lives.


          If your outer world contains positive experiences, and you are enjoying your life, this means that your inner world is in a similar state. The reverse is also true, so when we experience painful things or are disappointed or experience things that foster fear, worry or doubt, this is also because some part of our inner being is out of balance and needs healing. If something unpleasant or unwanted takes place in your life, rather than blaming other people or circumstances outside yourself, direct your attention inward and look for the part of yourself that has created this unpleasant event. Then use your Reiki healing skills to nurture and heal this part. When you do this, the unpleasant experiences will stop and be replaced by healthy positive experiences.


       As we continue on our healing path, we will become aware of a level of consciousness that resides deep within each of us that can bring a wonderful new way of living. It creates a new attitude that is entirely positive and brings with it the ability to solve many problems and create positive results that previously we did not think possible. This higher consciousness is what Jesus was experiencing when he performed miracles and when he had a profoundly positive effect on those around him.


         This new consciousness is coming to many people now and in a short time will become the normal state for most of the people on earth. You might say that it is a higher aspect of Reiki consciousness, but it has gone by many names and it is becoming more and more available to all of us. Jesus spoke of it as the second coming of Christ and I believe that he did not mean that Jesus would return to earth as he did 2000 years ago, but that the spirit of the Christ would become available to all of us.


       This Christ consciousness is not limited to those of the Christian religion, but is available to members of all religions and spiritual paths. In fact, this higher way of manifesting our lives has been part of all religious practices and has gone by many names depending on which religious or spiritual group named it. A breakthrough like this is possible with Reiki, so I encourage you to accept this possibility and work with it. Let us release all desire to hold onto negative ways that limit our happiness, but instead, embrace the inner light of Reiki. Within the source of Reiki resides the love of the universe. Those who focus on this love, and surrender to it's healing power are opening to wonderful changes that will lead not only to peace within, but to peace on earth.



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